Library Dining

Morning y'all! Ok this post is for Kip who sometimes has trouble visualizing what's in my head.  Unfortunately, he probably won't see this because he's traveling for work today (he'll be back tonight for all of you murderers and robbers with good design sense).

So here's the deal, our new house has a very traditional layout: formal dining, formal living, family room, kitchen/hearth room.  We are inheriting a very large pine table for the kitchen that seats 10+ (from the amazingly kind and generous current owners).  Somewhere down the line, my thought is to change the formal dining room into a dining library.  We both love libraries way more than eating.  Just kidding.  I love eating.  But I also love a beautiful library and I think that with well-placed furniture the dining library can serve multiple functions.

Par exemple:

Keith Irvine via Cote de Texas
 Antelope, glossy, skirted round table.  This is sort of exactly what I envisioned.  I wish I had a better image of this room.

Mona Hajj

via My Notting Hill

via Pinterest (lemme know if you know the source)

There are tons of examples, but the ones above are my favorites and most closely resemble what is in my head. I love each and every one of those rooms.

* Now here is where I test Kip to see if he's read my blog today.  Kip, if you made it to the end of this post, you have to text me the following secret word: butterflysparkles 

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