Moodboard Monday: Sissy's (Kinda) Big Girl Room

Morning y'all! Last night my Sissy, whom we affectionately call Wizzie, texted me to see if I could put together a little moodboard for her new bedroom.  She just graduated from University of Texas and works for a popsicle company called GoodPops - they are superdelicious guilt-free popsicles that you need to try if they are in your neighborhood grocery stores (check their website for locations).  Anyway, Wizzie is my silly sister, super-girly like me, and loves happiness, glitter and Buddy the Elf.  So here's what I came up with this morning:

She has the budget of a 22 year-old without a trust-fund so I tried to keep it to things that weren't to 'spensive.  Here are some linkies: 

The garden stool, art, poodle book ends and ghost chair are already in my sissy's possession so I tried to work with that color scheme while still keeping it fresh and relaxing.  I love an all-white bed.  I would say it's my signature, if I were to have one.  Maybe it's because when we were little our mom (The Suze) would call bedtime Lily White's Birthday Party, thus brainwashing me into believing sheets must be white.  And, y'all, I believe that whole-heartedly.  Lily White Sheets = Bedtime Imperative.  I truly believe there's nothing better than crawling into a crisp white bed after a long day! Have a lovely Monday!

P.S. Bachelor Pad tonight!
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