A Door Color is Chosen

duh duh duh. 

I know, y'all were probably sitting around all weekend wondering what color I might choose.  I mean, we have a lot of important decisions to make these days and my front door color is certainly at or near the top of everyone's list.  So after a long and contentious internal debate, where the voices in my head suddenly became New Jersey undecideds, who asked me questions like, "Hey Lady, what do ya really want to do?" and "Hey Lady, make up your mind already and fohgetaboutit!!!" Ok that last one was not a question, but somehow I started channeling Joe Guidice in my inner monologue and then I got scared.  Anyway, we found the perfect color. 

Benjamin Moore Twilight 

It's only the most appropriately named front door paint color ever (Team Edward always and forever). 

We held a giant swatch up to the front door and Kip and were both like, "Oh yeah, that's it.  That's soo it."  And then Kip fell to the ground crying from happiness that we don't have to talk about it anymore. 

It's so close to Hague Blue that I questioned whether I was completely insane and had just picked the same color in a different brand.  It's basically 1/114th of a shade lighter than Hague Blue.  Less black in it.  The reason it works better is because it contrasts with the dark navy shutters more.  The Hague Blue looked a bit like we tried to match the shutters and failed miserably.  It's also a more consistent color.  One of the things I love about Hague Blue is that it changes with the light, but I didn't want such an extreme change with the front door. 

Sooo I'm really hoping to get it painted this week so we can take our freaking Christmas card picture stat.  Having a child has really brought out the "crazy Christmas picture panic" in me.  I remember The Suze would get it around July and then again in December.  Being the awesome teenager that I was, I would roll my eyes and be like, "gah, Mom it's just a Christmas card, stop freaking out about it! It's so lame."  (I know, I was really fun to be around between the ages of 13 and 20).  Anyway, getting the perfect Christmas card becomes an obsession this time of year.  I don't mean perfect in that we have to look perfect, but it has to be what I envisioned or I feel like I've failed. 

Ok, I've veered majorly off-topic.  Here are some libraries painted in a 50/50 mix of Twilight and Gentleman's Gray, both by Benjamin Moore.  They're real pretty.  I thought I'd share so you get a better idea of the color.  Plus I love to see how paint colors look in actual magazines (which are usually nothing like how they look in real life but whatevs)

Ashley Whittaker
The "Prussian Blue" library from Ashley Whittaker is part of a Manhattan apartment makeover featured in House Beautiful probably a while back.  It's totally worth revisiting though.   Go here to see the rest.

via Design*Sponge
Doesn't that look nice and cozy?  The color is so rich and yummy.  This lovely bookcase reminds me that I need to work on the bookcase in the master sitting room today.  Kip keeps threatening to do it himself.  So if I actually get that done today, I'll take some pics for y'all. 

Okay, can't wait to get this door painted!

Have a lovely day!
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