House Happenings & Halloween Decor

Afternoon y'all! I just woke up.  HAAAAAAAAA! Just kidding.  I did sleep until 8 though, which is amazing when you have a 2 year-old/early-riser.  He's been waking up at 5:30 am every morning and this morning I was all, "oh no you di'n't!" and I gave him some milk and a kiss and he went back to bed.  It's a small but huge victory for this mama. 

Sooo last night I got a very lovely package from Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda.  For those who don't know, she has a gorgeous Blue & White Porcelain online store, and in a ridiculous moment of blue and white kismet, I won her ginger jar giveaway!  Well, yesterday I received not one, but two ginger jars.  I thought it was a mistake, but Jennifer insisted it was a housewarming gift.  It was so sweet and beyond generous of her.  I can tell you they are truly gorgeous in person.  You should all go out and buy a pair right now.  I'm not even just saying that to be nice.  I'm going to try and do all of my Christmas shopping through bloggers' online stores, you know support my peeps, and I will definitely be spending time in all of The Pink Pagoda shops - she sells porcelain, prints and accessories (like my famous iPhone case, and cute mugs and pillows and stamps, oh my!) Definitely a great resource for gifts and blue and white. 

So here are my new ginger jars on the mantle in the family room:

Purdy purdy right!

One more view from the front door.  I'm kind of obsessed.

Speaking of front door, it has not been painted.  I'm totally confident in my painting skillz, but I'm not confident in Edward's, and since he is hell-bent on "helping" me, I decided to leave it to the pros.  Now I just need to call the pros ... 

Here's my new little black and white pillow from the Nate Berkus for Target collection.

I'm not like obsessed with Nate or anything, but I happened to walk past this pillow and then I felt it and sniffed it (I worry about smells) and I was like, "oooh soft" and somehow it ended up on my sofa and I like it.  It feels like cashmere. 

Here's a little display in my entry.  I share this because those pink shells miraculously made it through the move.  I picked them up at the beach in Costa Rica and carried them on the plane in my pocket with a baby and a diaper bag.  They're super delicate so I'm amazed they've lasted. 

Things on the table to remind me to do them:

Bag of silver stuff to polish, tobacco leaf plates to hang (I'm in love with the tobacco leaf pattern), and mini-pot pies to make from the November House Beautiful.  (It's Sandra Lee so it's easy)

And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for .......

my Halloween Decor!  

Er uh hmmm.  I just, well, there's a pumpkin? and a jar of candy?  The Laura Trevey Rooster is going to be framed someday.   Hopefully soon, but ya never know! Anyway, I just can't get in to Halloween this year.  Maybe it's because Edward is terrified of every costume I try to put on him.  I think we're just going to skip it this year.  Except for the candy part.

Okay y'all! I've talked way too long! My posts have gotten way longer lately.  I'm a woman of a few thousand words, I've been told.  Have a lovely day! 
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