It's Official...

We are a family.

Today was our court date for the re-adoption.

Judge said Yes.

My sister Katie came with us.

We went out to celebrate.

You know it is a special occasion when they bring you those little tiny jam jars. I love those little tiny jam jars. You also know it is a special occasion when Orlando Bloom is having breakfast there too. (Sorry, no picture, but I did slip him my sister's phone number).

The judge said something like, "And now I make you a family." I think I may have snorted at him, because clearly he must have been joking. He had very little to do with us becoming a family. The four of us have done that ourselves over this past year.

Tomorrow marks exactly one year since we landed in Addis. I don't have a 'twelve months post'. I did find some journal entries though. They are pretty boring. I'll post them if you are interested, but, again, no great shakes. It is stuff like, "Dear diary, today I met my children." I also wrote them in the dark.

Today is a good day.
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