Dear M and m,

Dear Meazi and Melese,

Today is August 2nd. One year ago we were packing our bags for Ethiopia. These giraffe chairs were empty. We were full of anticipation.

Meazi, you just finished summer school last week. We sent you for nineteen mornings and one full day, because we wanted you to get used to your new school. We thought it would ease the transition to Kindergarten. I realize now that I did this for me. I am the one who needs the easing. The thought of you going off into the big wide world of school has thrown me for a loop. Yes, all parents must feel this way. I bet a lot of parents cry on the first day of Kindergarten. It is more than that though. I feel like I just met you. I feel like we are just working it out.

Last week was a tough week for us. Your behavior was challenging, and I really lost it. I cried, called your father, called a therapist, it was a doozy. Today I am going to try to remember one thing:

We will never have this August back. This month is our time to be together. This month is our time before cliques, and school lunches, and learning to read. Today I will remember to hold you tight, to be more patient, and to work on letting you go a bit. It will be very hard because all I really want to do is freeze you at this very moment. I love you. You are a phenomenal girl.


I just got out of bed where I was wedged between you and your sister. Last night I enjoyed it very much when you flung your small arm around my neck and gave me a squeeze. What I didn't enjoy was your little feet kicking my ribs all night. I know you do this with your feet to make sure I am still there. I am. I am not going anywhere. Melese, I know this August is significant for you too. At the end of the month, the person you love most in the world will be around a lot less. It is okay. We are going to have fun on our own. I love you. You are a phenomenal boy.
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