Moodboard Monday: Edward's Big Boy Room

Morning y'all!  Edward has been taking quite an interest in his future big boy room lately.  I think it's because all of his books are in there, but he spends a lot of time in it even though there are no toys.  So Kip and I are talking about maybe getting it ready for him to move in after Christmas.  There's no hurry, but maybe if it's his idea the transition will be smoother (clearly the tactic of making men think it's their idea starts very early on).  I loved the big boy/playroom I did for him in the old house (above).  I'd like to do something similar minus the toys. 

Here is some of my inspiration:

I've loved this layered dorm room since it first debuted in NY Magazine in 2009.  I love the layers, the unabashed prep, and the amazing use of small space.  I'm sort of going for a preppy dorm room vibe for Edward. 

via Cote de Texas

Antelope carpet.  I'm campaigning for it big time.  Kip thinks it's ugly.  I have no idea why.  I think he is just leery of animal print in general, but I love how it makes this room. 

Love the clean crisp feeling of this room from one of my favorite houses by Cathy Kincaid. (see the entire house here).  The goal for Edward's room is to eventually have twin beds although we just have one for right now.  I love the leather chair and the white walls. 

Other elements Kip and I want for Edward's room: Robertson tartan (to remind him of his roots, plus it's awesome), a desk for all of his scholarly endeavors, and I'd like to switch out the canned light in the middle of the room for a flush mount light (no chandeliers for this little monkey, way too tempting for him).

So here's sort of a quick roundup of ideas. 

My in-laws have the Professor's Leather Chair from Restoration Hardware that you see above.   It is really tiny and perfect for a small space, but then you sit in it and it is soo comfortable.  It's the kind of chair he could have forever so I'll probably be campaigning for that as well. 

We probably won't start on that until after Christmas.  Until then I'll be gathering more inspiration on Pinterest and in Ralph Lauren ads.  Have a lovely day!
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