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It's a funny thing, this blogging business.  It's a big ole lovefest, at least, in my experience.  We blog and write nice things on other blogs and congratulate each other on taking things to the next level and basically virtually make-out with each other.  I find it refreshing.  I enjoy the positive feedback and I try to put as much happiness and sparkly rainbow princess puppy love out there as well.  No one is better at leaving nice comments than my blog bestie Tina from The Enchanted Home.  She's literally the nicest person in the world.  Over the weekend she passed along a sweet award to yours truly.

Apparently, I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass it along to 15 other bloggers.  This is also great opportunity for me to share some random images in my files that need to be out there.  So here we go...

1.  I'm a Belieber.  

2.  I spent a large part of my life thinking I was the model for the Coppertone Girl.  I wasn't.  The Suze just let me believe it because, why crush my dreams?

Melanie Elston 

3.  I once worked in Fragrance Development for Calvin Klein Cosmetics.  I helped with a fragrance that was supposed to smell like the beach.  Basically, I was living Kramer's dream.

4.  I should have been a popstar.  I also should have gone to space camp.  

via Mango Watermelon Love
 5. This is super hard.  I am not interesting enough for 7 things so I'll tell you about my Dad.  He's awesome.  He was high school sweet hearts with The Suze and stayed married to her despite the fact that their first night in their new home she left the lettuce out "to dry," replaced all of his brown with kelly green and white, and painted the dining room pink.  He also played football for the Missouri Tigers.  M-I-Z!

via Cote de Texas
 6.   My wedding ceremony was 8 minutes long from start to finish.  It was awesome.

via Inspired Design 
7.  Finally, I predicted I would marry my husband before I even met him after I saw his license plate was my lucky number, and I had dreams about my son (the way he looks now) years before he was born.  So I'm like totally psychic.

via Mrs. Blandings

Oy vey! That was a lot of me going on there. Thank you, Tina, for the sweet gesture in recognizing Belclaire House.  Y'all need to go visit Tina at The Enchanted Home stat. 

I read so many blogs and love them all that I'm having a hard time narrowing them down to 15.  I would advise anyone to look at my blogroll and visit any of those blogs on there.  They are all amazing! 

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