The English Home {Part I}

I picked up this magazine called The English Homewhile I was doing my daily grocery run.*  There is so much loveliness in one issue that I feel I must share it with you. It's a moral imperative.  It's also a 2 parter.

Lately, I've been drawn to soft floral fabrics and beautiful wood pieces.  How gorge are those built-in cabinets?

I love how the inside of the fireplace is decorated with old photos.  Cozy! 

I love an eat-in kitchen.  I mean, let's not pretend we're all fancy with servants.  I am the servant in my house.  Imagine that stove backsplash with blue and white delft tile.  It would probably send me over the edge. (Edward would look at that picture and say, "Dah Dah" in a really low raspy voice.  He's serious about dogs)

Ahhh girlyness = happiness ...

I know, right? So refreshing.  

Then there was this little page that had me ultra-covetous of beautiful things.  

I mean look at the curves on this baby ... 

John Lewis Biggins Drinks Trolley

Brights of Nettlebed Althorp Mahogany and Rosewood Cocktail Cabinet

Adam Williams Design 

Clock House Furniture

Hutson Bespoke 

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Makin' meh drool lahk a little baybay. Sighh....

*yes, I go to the grocery store almost daily.  It's completely inefficient, but I'm too ADD to remember everything I need.  I even make lists! I also hate having too much food that will spoil if I don't eat it.  It's the opposite of The Suze who always has a stocked refrigerator).
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