Suzeday Tuesday: Vignettes II

Morning Y'all! I'm in Dallas and sick as a dog who has really bad sinus problems and swollen glands.  That's one sick puppy.  So I've had plenty of time to lie on the sofa and look around at all of the little vignettes that The Suze has arranged around the house.  She loves to play with her stuff and move it around the house.  It's always different when I come home and I love it! Here are a few I captured on my trusty iphone.  Enjoy!

First, some blue and white to greet you when you walk in the door.

I always love looking at pictures on display at other people's houses.  With four children and one grandchild, The Suze has plenty of pictures to share.  We never see that in magazines.  Like is it not cool to have pictures in your home? I'd like to see how people who live in these fancy magazine-worthy homes incorporate family photos into their decor.  Editors take note.  

I love how this little silver tray holds our little silver baby trinkets.  That's my silver rattle with teeth marks in it and my brother's engrave silver hairbrush.  So fancy.

The Suze has lots of sweet statuaries all over.  Edward goes around and kisses them and gives them hugs.  My mom said I used to do the same thing when I was little.  This one looks like Edward when he's playing.

Bar cart.  A must in our household.

A little bookshelf tiny person troupe.

This is Edward's favorite little person and new BFF.

Of course, I could never talk about the crazy adorableness of Edward kissing statues without showing you a picture. 

Ahhh, so sweet!

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