Happy Halloween!

Not spooky black and white bedroom that I love very much 

I don't know about y'all, but I'm ready for Halloween to be ovah! I'm not a fan of black and orange together, and all of the spiders and cobwebs and scary ghost decor kind of depresses me.  I mean, there's really no way to get around it.  Ugh I sound so grumpy.  That's what happens when I blog at night.

Moodboard Mondays will have to start next week or when I can get myself together.  This whole "not into napping anymore" thing my child is doing is throwing me for a loop.  That and he must be watched or entertained constantly lest he get into the dog's water bowl, the toilet, the pantry or the stairs (his favorite place to play now).  Yesterday, I was showering and I turned around and he was IN THE SHOWER WITH ME! Right next to me.  In his footie pajamas.  Laughing at all the water falling on his head.

But he is pretty cute, so I just end up laughing at him all day long.

Here he is running away from me.

Yes, we've raked our leaves since these pictures were taken.

Anyway, I love reading your comments, and I promise soon, I'll be back to moodboarding and commenting an all of your lovely blogs as well! And to my new Anonymous friend whom I don't know personally but I know in blue and white spirit, I would be happy to do some posts on my favorite blue and white rooms! Stay tuned!

Have a Happy Halloween!
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