Somebody in Kansas Loves Blue & White

I love the traditional backdrop for blue & white in this Mission Hills colonial-style home in the month's Kansas City Spaces.  

How gorgeous is this entry?

I always love to see the interiors of local homes, especially when they reflect my style.  If it were up to me, every issue would include a home with lots of blue and white.  Maybe I should send in my resume and offer to cover the blue and white beat.  Then I could go door-to-door and grill people on their blue and white usage while making mental notes of whom I want to be friends with later.  

When I was in law school and I needed a break, I would drive around the beautiful Mission Hills, KS neighborhood and creepster stalk houses that I liked, driving by slowly to get a glimpse of the interiors in the windows.  This one may have prompted me to knock on the door and ask for a tour and a cup of coffee.  
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