Designer I Admire: Toni Gallagher

Morning y'all! I got the best email the other day from an awesome reader, Susan, who sent me a link to a designer she thought I might like.  This is the kind of thing that makes my blogging week month.  I always love hearing from y'all, especially because I sometimes forget this isn't my own private journal to write about sleep issues and muse on The Bachelor episodes.  And I LOVE when you point me to things I might like!  

Case in point, Toni Gallagher Interiors.  I know I've seen the name and I've definitely seen some of the rooms she's designed, I'd just never put two and two together.  Toni Gallagher is based in Rye, New York, but has done vacation homes all over the country including Sea Island, GA (my happy place)! So here are all quite a few rooms that I absolutely love from her portfolio.  Lot's of blue and white y'all! 

Enjoy! (And thanks again Susan!) 

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