My Ultimate Summer Day

Morning y'all! So yesterday I posted about an awesome Sea Island cottage (I know many of y'all didn't like the kitchen. For the record, I liked it.  It's a real estate listing so I imagine with people in the house and food all over the countertop it's much warmer.  I also love gray cabinets - our new house has gray cabinets.  But as The Suze says, that's why there's chocolate and vanilla!)

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you My Ultimate Summer Day.  One King's Lane is hosting an Ultimate Summer Day Pinterest Challenge, and I'm pretty sure I have experienced my ultimate summer day tenfold.  So yea, I got this.  This day could pretty much happen anywhere you have a beach, a porch and a patio.  In my head, I'm in Sea Island, but you can be anywhere you'd like.


Let's start with coffee.  Coffee on the porch, listening to the sounds of the birds chirping, the smell of morning dew on the grass, a little deer comes to lick your hand and a bunny comes to sit at your feet while you sing to him about the day ahead. 

A sweet mug for my coffee.

Sweet tea for the weirdos who don't drink coffee.

A morning bike ride under the spanish moss.  I read somewhere that Jennifer Aniston starts every day on vacation with a workout.  That's why she's thinner than me, but I would like to be like that from now on so we're going on a bike ride.

We return from our bike ride to this amazing kitchen ...

Where we make french toast for breakfast (I wonder if Jennifer Aniston ever eats french toast?)


Then I'll go put on my bathing suit.  I'm a mom now, so I wear a one-piece, but, of course, I look like this.

Sit poolside with my magazines,

Drink a little water with lemon for hydration, as well as to give the appearance of sobriety, 

but quickly move on to a sea breeze because, hey, I'm on vacation.

 I may relocate to the beach after a few hours for a change of scenery.

Then it's time for lunch on the patio.

BLTs, yum!

and then maybe a walk on the beach with my little man.

Back to the house for pool games with the kids.

 Is it too much to ask that Jack Johnson actually be in the corner playing Banana Pancakes?


Shower for dinner in my outdoor shower.  I love an outdoor shower!

Blue & white cotton sundress naturally.

Pre-dinner beverages on the deck.

And then dinner in another beautiful outdoor setting.

And after a long day of drinks, sun and food (and maybe an after-dinner dance party), it's time for Lily White's birthday party ...

There's nothing better than ending a long summer day between crisp, clean, white cotton sheets.

What do you think? 

{sources for all images here}

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