Glossy Glossy

Celerie Kemble

How delicious is this glossy dressing room? I would feel so fancy and smug if I had a fireplace in my dressing room.  Like, when I'm talking to people and they're annoying me, all I would have to do is mentally transport myself to my dressing room and then I'd be all, "well I have a fireplace in my dressing room sooo..." and I would instantly be happy. 

I have a fun Dream Lake House post I'm working on complete with dream inspiration and, yes, mood boards. I'm imagining lots of white glossy walls and of course blue and white everything.  I'm excited to get it all in one post so I have it to look back on someday. In the meantime, enjoy some more glossy goodness from my archives.  

Nancy Boszhardt

House Beautiful

Kirsten Kelli

via DecorPad

Robert Couterier

Steven Gambrel

Jan Showers 

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