Suzeday Tuesday: Dream Job

"That's a great job ... babysitting in a pretty house" 
                      - The Suze 

For those of you who follow me on twitter you know that The Suze is in town and is, as always, incredibly quotable (observe).  If there are two things she loves more than anything in the world it's babies and pretty houses, so she is undoubtedly a bit envious of my little sister's babysitting job in this gorgeous house.  Ok, I'm a bit envious, too.
Are you dying yet? 

My sister said the house feels much warmer than the pictures show.  I love an all white color palette.  My next house is going to be all white like this.
 French doors in the dining room.  Gorgeous!
Herringbone wood floors always make me happy. 

 Love the open kitchen, but really who doesn't (people with servants, maybe).

Holy built-in bookshelves heaven.
 The play area is actually just at the top of the stairs on the landing.  Notice the adorable childrens!

This is a long hallway that leads to the master bath.  There are two large closets to the right.  The thing I noticed is the gorgeous door.  One of my pet peeves and something I see a lot here in Kansas City is when a house is beautifully renovated, but then all the doors are cheap hollow doors. I know it's probably very snobbish of me, but it's kind of a deal-breaker for me.  

Brace yourself for the master bath...

I know, right? 

According to the listing, the house also comes with concepts drawings for an elevator, additional bed and pool.  I would move into this house in a heartbeat, even if it is 165 degrees in Austin.  Thanks Seester for the great post material! The Suze and I thank you for giving us something to ooh and aahh over! 
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