New in Rue

Issue Six of Rue came out yesterday and I kind of liked this living room from a flat in Singapore.

Specifically, those Missoni pillows.

While it's a little more modern than my usual aesthetic, whenever I see them, I feel covetous.  I'm afraid I'm not cool enough to pull off Missoni in my decor.  (That's probably why I like it). 

Missoni in Rachel Zoe's Bedroom (via Apartment Therapy)

I've always wanted to be one of those cool, fashion-y bohemian chicks, but I'm really entirely too perky and preppy (and not fashion-y) to ever pull it off.  Perhaps I'll pick up a few items to play with in September when the Missoni for Target collection debuts.  What do y'all think? Is this too far off my grid?   

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