Suzeday Tuesday: Dining Delight

The guestie from my bestie is having technical difficulties, so we get Suzeday Tuesday today! I pretty much never use my dining room, which is a shame because I have more china than I know what to do with and I love to cook and feed people.  It's just that in the summer we tend to have a lot more BBQs than dinner parties. These dining rooms would definitely motivate me to do something a little fancier now and then.   I love all of these dining rooms.  The white walls are calling my name again.  I love how fresh it looks and how it really draws your attention to the gorgeous pieces in the room.

I love this classic dining room with the pleated, monogrammed slipcovers.

I love the round table and the leather chairs for more intimate dining. 

This dining room by Nicky Haslam is so cozy and romantic ... 

Clearly The Suze likes slipcovers.  Me too.  Me toooo. 

I need to find someone in Kansas City who can do slipcovers that aren't too too 'spensive.  I want some white slipcovers with a little scallop across the bottom.  I also want to slipcover everything in my house right now, including my dog who won't stop shedding.  I'm craving some clean surfaces free of stuck on cheerios and dog hair.
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