Start Spreading the News.

We are off! We are off to a big, fat, Jewish, wedding. We are off to worship false idols...

And we are off to give NY state a big, ole wet kiss, to celebrate that it is one of the few wise states that recognizes that everyone should have the right to marry.

If you were thinking of ransacking our 950 square feet in our absence, be advised that a tiny,old, Irish, granny nanny and a half-deaf, geriatric pup 6'2 armed, former member of the IRA and a giant rabid Rottweiler will be guarding our abode.

Steven's cousin is having a black tie wedding. I wasn't going to get Meazi a new dress, since she had this pretty yellow one from the fundraiser, and I knew she was getting a custom made dress in August for my sister's wedding.

We went into a local shop that sells a lot of Quinceanera dresses, to find Melese a black tie. Meazi noticed some long dresses and asked just to try a couple on. She put this one on and I was a goner. The way her eyes sparkled when she saw herself in the mirror made me hand over the credit card instantly. Well worth the 34 bucks.

 Have a wonderful Fourth of July. See some of you in NYC.

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