Slims Aarons Nursery and Other Big Pics

I looked upon this nursery with covetous eyeballs when I saw it on the D Home blog the other day.  Y'all know I love that Slim Aarons and his photographs of fancy people being fancy.

The large mural comes from a London-based website called Surface View.  They sell ready-to-buy canvas prints, wall murals and blinds.  They can also do custom orders as well.  You have to be careful with wall murals because they can easily look cheese-tastic HGTV Design Star-ish. Here are a few of their large ready to roll murals that I think would be cool in a room.  I'm in a mood board mood so let me know which one's your fave and I'll maybe do a mood board around it! 

Chart of London City and The River

Yellow Peony

Winds over the Oceans

Study by James Miller


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