Lulu's Listing

Early on in the wee infancy of this blog, I posted about my youngest sister's curious hobby, that is browsing real estate listings.  "Not weird at all," you say, "I do it all the time."  But did you browse real estate listings when you were 8? Probably not. You were probably playing outside with the other kids not caring what houses in the neighborhood were on the market.

Pretty Little Lulu
Fast forward to today, she's 17 and still browsing real estate for fun.  She doesn't yet realize this will probably end up being her career.  She's 17 so when you try to tell her what to do with her life she looks at you like you couldn't possibly have any knowledge about what it's like to be her.  Oh to be 17 Again (such a cute movie by the way, and I don't care how old he is, Zac Efron is hot!!!)

So I'm starting a new series called Lulu's Listings where I share some of the beautiful houses she finds and sends me.  Sharing is caring y'all.  This first listing is located in Dallas' University Park.  It's real fancy.  It's the perfect decor for Africa Dallas' extreme heat.  You'll remember earlier this week I posted an all-white house from my other sissy.  I must be in a white phase because I can't get enough white walls.

You can find more about this listing at Allie Beth Allman

Y'all stay cool! Thanks Laura!
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