Designer I Admire: Stephen Shubel

Morning y'all! While i was researching the source of this cozy bedroom last week, I ended up on the website of said bedrooms designer - Stephen Shubel. Apparently, I've liked his work for awhile, I just didn't know it all came from him.  Here are some of my favesies from his portfolio:

Love this fresh palette and the combination of formal with white slipcovers.  So my style.

Hi burl wood nightstand and silver lamp, I want you in my room. 

Pink and red :)

He does know how to do pink, this man.  I love this! 

In Paris, naturally.  

Love everything about this bedroom.  Even the cat, 'cause he's siamese.

I love the window treatments and the long banquette behind the dining table.

Oval island! Makes the room seem bigger.

Again with these window treatments.  Love!


Isn't his work lovely?  I love that even though many of his rooms are formal he adds a touch of whimsy.

Probably won't have a chance to blog tomorrow.  Inspection's at 8:30 am, which shouldn't be a problem because Edward's in the habit of waking me up at 5:00 am.  8:30 am is basically lunch time for us.  Hopefully, everything goes well and we'll be on our way to planning for the new house!
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