Have a Lovely Weekend!

* Images via Coastal Living 

Morning y'all! I have to say yesterday was exhilarating and exhausting! Our house went online in the morning and I was instantly inundated with texts, emails and phone calls regarding scheduled showings.  It was insanity.  I certainly don't want to jinx anything, but let's just say by the end of the day we were all smiling and laughing at just how well things are going for us ;) God is smiling down on us that's for sure.  I hope y'all have a lovely weekend!

I love these Acrylic Block Frames from Crate & Barrel
Mix them with classic silver frames for a more modern look

Also from Crate & Barrel, this Vertical Soft Headboard
I'm considering it for our new bedroom 

I wasn't planning a Nantucket getaway, but now I might! 

Kind of liking Yellow at the moment
thinking of it as an accent in our new green dining room 
normally not a fan 

For The Suze, she loves her some shutters 

Color Inspiration: Navy & Mint
for the new house exterior 
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