The Big Move: Checklist Before Showing

Morning y'all! We are showing our house today! It's not technically on the market yet.  We still have a couple of little things we have to finish before it's market ready so this is sort of like a practice showing, but with a legit, interested buyer.  I just had to sprinkle some fresh flowers around the house.  Trader Joe's y'all.  That orchid was $12.99! It's just as gorgeous as any $45 orchid I've seen.

Here's the checklist I devised for myself to prep the house for a showing.

Did I forget anything?

Getting your house ready to show is sort of a bizarre thing for someone like me who is constantly concerned with how my house looks.  Part of me is like, I don't want people to come in and think I don't have pictures of my family or prefer to keep my shelves bare, but the other part of me is like, whatever, I want to sell this place.  It's a strange dichotomy of making it look welcoming and ready to move in, but also like no one lives there, except like maybe an athlete or business person who travels a lot and just hired someone to furnish it with the bare necessities.

Tiny Dining Table
Case in point: the realtor suggested we take the leaves out our dining room table to show how big the dining room is.  We're using the same realtor who represented the sellers of our new house (he's a great negotiator), and I remember when I walked into the new house, the first thing I thought was, "Why do they have such a tiny dining table in here?" So now I'm all paranoid that people are going to come in and think the same thing about me.  And then someday, if I ever do design for a living, they'll be like, "no way, that girl loves tiny dining tables."

But Imma listen because, again, the point is to sell the house.

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