Moodboard Monday: Family Room & Art I Need

Susie Pryor - Beach Stroll

Morning y'all! I hope you had a lovely Father's Day weekend! Kip installed a fan and we ate our weight in fried chicken so I would say, overall, it was a successful weekend.  I've written about my favorite artist Susie Pryor in the past (see here).  I love her work, especially when her subjects are little ones.  I saw the above painting the other day, and I decided that I need it.  It reminds me so much of Edward, probably because he's pantsless and in what looks like an oversize t-shirt.  That's Edward's standard uniform at home when I'm too lazy to deal with his wiggles - who needs pants anyway? Also, because Edward is a wanderer, a trait he inherits from his Grandpa as well as his Dad.  He loves to take a stroll by himself (within reason, obviously, since he's one and a half).  Ms. Pryor managed to capture a memory of Edward that I will always have without even knowing him so I'm pretty sure it's meant to be mine.  I don't often want something that badly, so, ahem Kip, save yer pennies please because I want it realbad. 

So with that desperate plea, I give you a moodboard I'm working on for my family room (art I need included).  You can even get a glimpse of the family room in my new house in the corner! I would show you more images of the home, but I feel weird putting someone else's home with all of their stuff out there without them knowing (even though I kind of do that every day). It's still a work in progress, but basically a way to get my ideas out in front of me.

I've always loved the Kelly Wearstler for Schumacher Gordian Weave fabric.  I think it would be a great way to tie in (no pun intended) the black and white striped awnings outside the room.  Our sofas will be more spread out than in the current house so I think I want to slipcover the ottoman that currently functions as our coffee table and place it in front of the fireplace for more seating.  Then I can get some proper tables to use in front of our sofas.   The Suze has a pretty piece of thick beveled glass over two blue and white garden stools and it makes for a lovely low table so I may steal that idea.  Ok y'all, that's all for today! Have a good one!

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