Ballard Designs

I have been receiving the Ballard Designs catalog for years and spent many hours drooling over the pages; but, for some reason, never ordered. Well all that changed a couple of weeks ago. I finally , well Tim finally, removed our ugly living room ceiling fan. I had been wanting an amazing chandelier to take it's place. I didn't want to get one at a regular home store because sometimes they are somewhat ordinary and I wanted something a little different. I was thrilled to find The Lourdes Chandelier. So pretty, available in several sizes and quite inexpensive. Doesn't hurt if you have a Ballard coupon either, which I did : )  Because I had the coupon, I went a lil overboard and purchased some gorgeous bedding as well. Thank you Ballard!! Let the decorating begin!!

Behold my new goodies : )

Not the best pic, I will try to post only daylight shots from now on. A tip from friend and fellow blogger Alison Tweed Agnew of "Stuff and Nonsense".
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