Inspirations of Late

Before I go all crazy Christmas lady on you, I wanted to share some images I've seen lately that I absolutely cannot get out of my head.  I picture these images whilst choreographing a dance routine to Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Outta My Head.  For the record, my brain is in a constant state of choreography in addition to the images of Christmas, Edward's cute ham-hock legs, puppies and pretty decor rotating around up there.  So if anyone is ever wondering why I'm so spacey sometimes, that's why.  It's a lot. 

Good God that door is beautiful!  That's what the entrance to Heaven will look like for me.

via RDuJour

via Paul Raeside

via Habitually Chic

via Habitually Chic

via Eclechic
via The Foo Dog Ate My Homework (if someone has an original source, please let me know)  

I love the opulence of all of these images.  Even the spare, white bathroom has a shot of rich, cobalt blue and gold.  The black and gold desk is going on my wishlist for things I would like to have in my lifetime.  I'd like a small one for my bedroom or a larger one for the future library we're going to put in our formal living room. 

Anyway, I just had to put those out there.  They are keeping me up at night.  How does one deal with so much prettiness in the world? (obviously if you're me, you start a blog about it and then write weird things in the white space)

I'm almost finished putting up Christmas decorations! Also, we are painting the basement and I took a peek and I'm so in love with it. I'm having them paint everything Benjamin Moore Sage Tint - trim, doors and walls.  I could eat the paint I love it so much. Kip wasn't too sure about it, but I said, "trust me, my love, it will look amazeballs." (just kidding, I don't talk like that, I'm in a weird mood)  I'll share some sneak peeks on Facebook this afternoon! Have a loverly day!
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