Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo was really fun in college. Now I appreciate the holiday as one in which I don't have to come up with a dinner idea (perhaps The Mansion's Tortilla Soup since it's rainy and cold today ... it's Mexican enough).  It's a different kind of fun that involves less risk to my dignity.

Anyway, I have this image of myself cooking fajitas in a festive apron with family and friends in the kitchen, all sipping on margaritas and laughing at Daddy in a sombrero.  I have these visions like Clark Griswold only instead of a sexy 80's vixen in a high-cut red one-piece, I picture gorgeous interiors.

via Cote de Texas 

Susan Tully

Conceptual Kitchens and Millwork

Diamond Baratta 

Fairfax and Sammons

Kristen Buckingham 

Thornton Designs via The Enchanted Home

Windsor Smith
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