Suzeday Tuesday: Backyardiness

After scanning and organizing 30 years worth of magazine clippings, I've come to the conclusion that The Suze has some ideas about what she wants to do to her backyard, garage and back house (see previous post about this subject here). I used my super analytical skills that I developed after three years in law school to determine that this renovation is a priority.  You see, her organization process involved stapling the pages to large poster boards, and, this is where the law degree comes in, I used deductive reasoning to conclude that the relative importance of each inspiration file is evident by the number of staples used to attach the page.  Since all of her back yard/back house files have no less than 54 staples each, I think they're fairly important.  Ok and maybe she's mentioned it once or twice.  So here you are, Mom, your files organized by Garage Conversion Ideas, Interiors, Patios and Details.

Garage Conversion Ideas 




And just for fun, here's a hiliarious pic that my sister unearthed of The Suze and the late wonderful O-Dog (not named after Oprah) most certainly taken before I was born.  The Suze often makes fun of my Dad for being obsessed with the dogs, but I think making a special trip to the local Olan Mills to have your portrait taken with your dog makes you not in a position to judge anymore. 

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