AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! (in Oprah's voice)

I know it's annoying, but I can't help it.  Oprah is the only person who can truly, accurately convey my feelings toward Veranda Magazine as of late. I wish I had producers so I could say something like, "When my producers and I sat down to look at this magazine, we never DREAMED it would be SOO FANTASTIC." That just sounds like something Oprah would say.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that Veranda is becoming one of my favorite things and the May/June issue is fabulous! First, there's the cover, over which I died.

Then there's this, nearly untouched since the 70's, Parish-Hadley project, which is still fabulous today.

{Photography by Peter Frank Edwards}

My entryway ... someday

There's the rest of the home featured on the cover.  I love the mix of gray, gold, green, blue & white.  

{Photography by Max Kim-Bee}

Oh and this Wisconsin lakehouse that makes me want to take down all of my walls and replace them with windows.

{Photography by Laura Resen}

India Hicks' home in the Bahamas (Did y'all know India Hicks was one of Princess Diana's flower girls? Just when I thought she couldn't be any more fab!) 

Finally, and perhaps the piece de resistance, is this stunning Provencal-style Texas home renovation by Pamela Pierce.  It's literally bananas. (Ok, now I'm becoming Rachel Zoe).  But really, it's bananas, seventeenth century Portuguese cobblestone, walls of antique limestone blocks from France, 400 year old limestone slab counters from a monastary in Bergundy, a barrel-vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom.  What? Whaaat? I die.

This is how I felt after reading this issue:

Dara Caponigro. Shut. It. Down.

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