Happy Monday!

Hey y'all! Yesterday, The Suze got in town and brought a small, but extremely heavy suitcase full of goodies that I will share later today and this week.  Today we are going to look for a family room rug for Edward, since he's starting to crawl and his little precious knees are getting all roughed up by the jute rug.  Might I just add, if you ever buy this rug from West Elm, do not put it in a room that you plan to spend any time in.  Ours is in the family room and it is destroyed.  Like we're tripping over the braids and can see the hardwoods underneath.  It has become a safety hazard.

Since I have yet to sift through all of The Suze's files, I'll leave you with something that is very un-Suze, but I find kind of awesome.  I can feel myself get fatter just thinking of all the goodies I would eat while watching TV in this room.  Macaroni and Cheese, a popcorn tin, freeze pops, Phish Food, Wheat Thins, seriously, I can feel myself bloating a la Ignatius J. Reilly.

Kristen Panitch
Finally, if anybody is curious about The Suze you can check out this adorable tumblr my sister created for her for Mother's Day.  Nowhere else will you find such gems as "the night is but an emryo."

Check back later for The Suzeday Files
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