The Suzeday Files: Dream Cottage on the Beach

Ok y'all, The Suze has A LOT of torn magazine and book pages.  Thirty years worth! No joke. It's going to take me awhile to organize them and it's not going to be this weekend because I have to go to the beach. I know ... tough beans as The Suze would say.  So in honor of my little vacay, I present you with this beach house edition of The Suzeday Files.  She ripped this whole article right out of the July 2005 issue of Veranda.  The Suze meant business.  She even labeled the article "Beach House," which is code for "it will be mine."

Total coinkydink that this house is located in the WaterColor community of Florida because it is LITrally the color of water (said in Rachel Zoe's voice).  It is a bluish greenish shade of awesome that every one of my friends will tell you reminds them of me. Probably because it is my favorite color in the world.  My. Favorite. Color. In. The. World. Also note the delightful curtain/trim things going on.

I love when this color is used alone as part of a monochromatic color scheme.  Tell me, could y'all live in a house that was all one color? If so, which color?

Interior Design by Toby West 
Photography by Mick Hales 
Architectural Design by Thomas Christ 

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