Lonny Loves

Good morning y'all! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  I feel like I've been gone forever.  As you know The Suze was in town last week and then I flew to Tampa to give my dear friend Lindsay a baby shower.  You may remember her nursery moodboard I created for her.  I'll have some pictures later this week of how she interpreted my ideas for her little baby man, as well as a few from the shower.  I also hope to have more Suzeday Files for you as well.

Today, I have may faves from the May/June 2011 issue of Lonny.  It's full of inspirational goodies!

First up, the New Orleans home of Perch owner Caroline Robert.  If you read the blog Visual Vamp , you know all about Perch.  If you don't, then go check it out! I'm just going to go ahead and say this to get it out there in the Universe: People* in New Orleans have prettier homes than you*.
*You being me 
*People being those whose homes are in magazines, I realize this statement opens me up to a lot of comments about the less fortunate, but this blog is about fantasy not politics, ok.


I love when they show the outside of the home so you get the complete picture. 

Pretty Everything. 

Pretty. The little girl looks like my little sister. 

Pretty Faux Marble Mantel.

I thought after working in the Trump Tower that I hated pink marble.  Lonny, you proved me wrong.  

Pretty Pom Trim.

Yes! A blue and white bedroom! 

And then Lonny gives us this New Orleans home:

Pretty Pink Door & Blue Shutters! Stop it right now. 

Wierd! That's my future living room in my head.

The Walls.

Pretty corner arrangement 

Interesting seating idea 

See??  I know, right? 

I also really like the wallpaper in this nursery.  

Finally, I need this coffee table for the dressing room/office/mom cave I am building in my mind.  This may warrant a moodboard

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