Eat-in Kitchen Inspiration

The Suze, my dad and all her little baby chicks love to congregate in the kitchen.  It really doesn't matter where we are, we find a kitchen and park our fluffy rear-ends.  Something about being in close proximity to food makes my family comfortable and happy.  We are not a formal family, we don't host dignitaries or bosses at our dinner parties, but rather stray college kids and family friends who enjoy bottles of wine at a time.  Still, The Suze loves to set the table with her fine china for even the most informal occasion.

This is why I love the concept of an eat-in kitchen. In fact, in my parents' house, I would do away with the formal dining room altogether, expand the kitchen and put a giant farmhouse table right down the middle with beautiful monogrammed, linen slip-covered chairs and lanterns overhead.  The Suze had the same idea, and, like she always says "great minds think alike!" (My husband would argue, "people who think you can easily just knock out a wall think alike") So here's some inspiration Mom!

Sharon Mimran 

Bellacasa via Cote De Texas 

Southern Accents 

My Home Ideas 

Princess Margaret Showhome

Hillary Hayne in House Beautiful

Suzanne Kasler in House Beautiful 

via Cote de Texas 

via Habitually Chic

via La Dolce Vita 

My Home Ideas 

Tommy Smythe

Steven Gambrel 

Windsor Smith 

Jackye Lanham via Cote de Texas

via Roses and Rust

Windsor Smith

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