Goodwill Hunting

I finally had a chance to go through some of the kids' old clothes. We are lucky enough to be the recipients of many fine hand-me-downs, especially for Melese. By the time he is through with them, they are ready for Goodwill. I saved some of Meazi’s nicer things for friends, especially her Ethiopian dresses.

There are a few of her things that I cannot let go of.

Those shoes and that dress she left the orphanage in.

That silly matching Mommy and me Lucky Brand sundress. I never thought that I'd be the kind of person that would buy matching dresses for my daughter and myself, sounds so, pagent-y or something. It was actually nice because the first time (out of the three times we both wore this dress) she did get a kick out of it, I felt that it helped with our attachment, at least for that day. Also, there was that benefit of "If you forget which white woman at this party is now your mommy, check their dresses."

That Keep on Truckin' dress. You understand why I can't give that away right? And was she ever really that small??

And her uniform jumper. Her classmate Adrian's little sister will be getting most of her uniforms, but I am keeping her size 6 jumper.

I am also keeping Melese's orphanage farewell clothes, and an adorable one-piece striped outfit he was wearing when we went through customs in Los Angeles.Unfortunately, due to an incident which I hope is not indicative of his feelings toward America, said onsie had to be removed and bagged in the airport. 

Our house is about 950 square feet. Melese, Meazi, and I share a closet. At this rate we are going to be out of room very soon. Do other people do this? Keep things like this? Or do I still live in Crazytown? Don't answer that. I already know.

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