Katie Couric's New Hamptons Cottage

Guhlfriend is livin' the dream.  Fresh off the announcement that Katie Couric will be hosting her own daytime talk show,  the fellow blue and white lover is showing off her fancy new 7,000 square foot East Hampton home in Cottages & Gardens magazine.  The bubbly blue and white brigadier (oh yes) renovated her new retreat with the help of her landscape architect sister, Clara Couric Batchelor.  Ms. Couric if you're reading this (hey, you never know!), I'm a really good house guest.  I'm clean and judging by the numerous bottles of wine I received as a gift while I was pregnant, people like to drink with me (I drink just enough to be fun but not a liability), I also bring gifts and will cook you dinner.  Believe me, you want to invite me to your beach house.

For more images from Cottages & Gardens, see here.
Photography by Keith Scott Morton.

At the risk of getting uninvited to her beach house, I have to share my favorite clip of Katie from the Today show.

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