Slim Aarons

"attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places"

I have become a huge fan of Slim Aarons' photography, especially his poolside images.  I must confess, in my head, I am in a Slim Aarons photograph all of the time.  In his own words, he photographed "attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places," which is so my cup of tea.  (Call me shallow, but I did the whole date a tortured writer and read Dostoyevsky thing in college and, let me tell you, it is incredibly exhausting).  I think I love these images because they remind me of my grandmother.  She could have fit right in to any one of these pictures. 

Have a lovely weekend y'all! I hope you're able to get in some pool time, and if you do, close your eyes and imagine you're one of these fabulous people.  

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