Meet Ella & One Last Pink Moment (or is it?)

Meet Eloise (Ella for short). 

puppy smiles

She is scrumptious, isn't she? The Suze and my little sister were having a very hard time with the sudden loss of our beloved Casserole, who was quite the force to be reckoned with.  She jumped, she barked, she put all of the dog toys in her mouth at once, she'd run away with your bra or a block of cheese daring you to chase her.  While little Ella will never be able to replace Cassie's silly personality, I believe that she will be able to help mend the gaping hole in everyone's hearts with her coffee-smelling puppy breath, soft round tummy and loving cuddles. 

See the clumsiness...


So delish! 

And now for one last pink moment, 

Kelly Wearstler

Yummy glossy pink door.

Have a lovely weekend y'all!
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