Suzeday Tuesday: Short and Sweet

This week's Suzeday Tuesday is going to be short and sweet because I have 4% left on my battery and it's suddenly not charging.  But first, thank you to all of you who visited from MFAMB yesterday and especially those of you who left such nice comments!!! It made my day! 

For my new readers not familiar with The Suze see here. In a nushell, she's my mama, she lurves design and lives in a dream world in her head that sucks everyone in because it's an awesome place to be.  Every Tuesday, I post some images from her extensive collection of files over the past 30 years.  It helps her stay organized and we get to enjoy lots of pretties from the past. Here's a pretty console that she clipped from somewhere long ago.  Lots of loveliness going on here.  

Have a lovely day y'all!

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