Country French

Morning y'all! Yesterday, Edward decided it would be okay for me to go to Lowes (then he was all, psyche I don't really want to be here Mom!).  Anyway, I was there to pick up some primer for the armoire and some tools with which to paint it.  I also impulsively grabbed the Fall/Winter 2011 Country French magazine at the checkout, and I'm very happy I did.

Country french is my first love. Taken to it's extreme, it can be a bit much, but I love so many elements of the casual elegant style.

This first kitchen is my dream kitchen designed by Julie Charbonneau. Ahh, I love it.  I wish I could find a better image.  I'm sure a digital image will pop up online, and when it does I'm going to show it to you again.

White. Natural Light. Black Island. Brass Hardware. Copper Pots. It's perfect. 

I still love the classic look of toile, especially when it's repeated all over the room like it is here.

I actually love a simple, sparse bedroom like below.  I'm contemplating removing all of the pillows from my bed and keeping it simple like this one.  I want to maximize the time I get to spend actually sleeping and removing 45 pillows does not help.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the bedroom below has a gorgeous royal blue velvet bedskirt and pillows.  I love the color combination of blue, gray, black and white here.

To me this kitchen shows a great example of french blue.  People are always trying to define french blue and I think it's more how you use the color and less the actual color.  The blue is so much more delicious in the actual magazine picture, this scan doesn't do it justice.  I also love the leaded glass windows and the ship lanterns over the island.

In a different kitchen, a vintage french wine cage is used to store tableware.  

 This is a little girl's room.  Très sophistiqué.

I love the leaded windows on the armoire in this bathroom. 

An adorable, simple blue and white kid's room.  

There are a lot more pretties in this issue so if you like the country french style as much as I do, this issue is definitely worth picking up.

One last note, next Friday will be my 200th post and I have a very fun giveaway for y'all that I'm super excited about.  Here's a sneak peak ...

Have a lovely weekend y'all!!
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