Windsor Decisions

Morning y'all! It is a gorgeous morning here and days like this motivate me to get stuff done. I have a lot of projects to finish before Edward's big 1st birthday!

steam on our pool this morning 

I'm almost finished painting the kitchen and now I'm motivated to freshen up the Windsor chairs we have around the kitchen table.  I was going to give them a nice coat of white paint, but after seeing all of the pretty colors out there I may do a pale grayish-blue or maybe an aqua like the first image below.

Here are some of my inspiration images.




House of Turquoise 
 Pink ... so tempting

I love these slipcovers, but these are outside of my skill level so they may have to come later.

House Beautiful

So I need to finish the kitchen, paint the chairs, paint the armoire, make the pelmet box, and get the birthday decorations, all while trying to prevent this:

oy vey ...
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