Prince Edward IV Turns 1!

Morning y'all! As promised, I'm sharing pics from Edward's first birthday party.  It wasn't anything too fancy.  We did it at home with familiar friends and family.  Edward has turned into a very sensitive little man and gets overwhelmed easily so I wanted to make sure we didn't have any epic meltdowns on his big day.  It turns out, he loved the attention.

I swear, he knew it was his birthday.  He woke up in a fantastic mood. As well as interesting hair that suggested he slept on his face.

I had the Etsy store Trafalgar's Paper Company custom make the invitations using the elephant I used in Edward's nursery.  I think he is so sweet and the red balloon and blue crown became somewhat of a theme for the party.  

A lonely red balloon is the only thing signaling there's a party at this house.  I ran out of steam and helium at this point, but I sort of like it.  

The table display. I'll show you before and afters of my kitchen tomorrow (if I can get it clean today).  

All of the buffet cards, favor tags, water bottle labels and pennant banner from Chickabug. I, of course, waited until the last minute so I had to order the DIY printables.  I would recommend ordering the water bottle labels ahead of time, but everything else turned out nicely.

I ordered the cake from Cake Girl in Kansas City.  I am not a baker and an even worse cake decorator so this was a real treat.  She did a great job and the cake was delish!

 The man of the hour wearing the cutest outfit ever.  It's not a dress people.  It's just a fancy outfit.  (ignore our orange floors please)

The Suze (whom we call French Grandma) & The Birthday Boy

This next picture I'm showing you because Belclaire House is ultimately design blog and this is a perfect example of what happens when a girly girl moves into her husband's home ... that TV.

Of course, Kip can juggle.  He's good at random things like that.  He's also a skilled potter, pianist and whistler. 

That TV = compromise only because all I had was a tiny white boxy TV from my apartment.  We actually had a new TV, but I asked Kip to hold off on installing it until after the birthday party so we wouldn't have a bunch of wires hanging around.

Ok, back to the party.

There's no way he would actually wear a crown.  I can barely get him to wear diapers.  
Party Favors = trail mix in jars with cute tags.  Yeah. I'm creative like that.

Edward looking nonplussed.

Yeah family picture! 

The usual indication that he's dunzo.

Looking tired from party time. 
Finally, I couldn't bring myself to throw away the crown or let anyone eat it.  A lot of the childrens were eyeballing it, and I was like, "back off little ones, no one eats the Prince's crown."

I don't know why I became so territorial.  I was a total fun ruiner.  Now I have a fondant crown in my fridge that I feel like I have to keep out of spite.  Can I bronze it? Is that even possible? or sanitary? I'm becoming a hoarder of Edward's childhood memories.  I need help.

Hope you enjoyed our little party!
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