Enjoy the Green

Headed to the park today and then Edward is spending the day with his Great Grandmother!  How pretty are these prints by Montreal-based photographer Irene Suchocki.  They can be found on Etsy here and here. I have been obsessed with landscapes lately, mostly of the oil painting variety, but these photographs could easily find a place in my home.  I love having botanical prints and landscapes in my home because I'm a horrible plant mom and thus rarely have plants and flowers in the house for very long.  Seriously, I'm the worst.  I just don't have a feel for keeping plants alive.  It's bizarre because I come from a family of gardeners and I'm always accused of being a mother hen so you'd think I'd be a great plant nurturer.  But nope. They all die. It's depressing.

Uh, ok on that note, I'm heading to the park to enjoy the last moments of green before fall.  Have a lovely day y'all!
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