Merry Christmas to Meeee!

House Beautiful 

and, specifically, Mark D. Sikes and his fresh, chic home (with lots of blue and white porcelain shmattered about).  Makes me real happy.  I'm guessing many of y'all have already seen it, but I just couldn't do another post without addressing how happy the cover of House Beautiful is making me (although next year I would like to request more holiday in the December issue).  

His house is soo close to everything I want my house to be someday - white walls, lots of chairs, blue & white porcelain everywhere you look, Gracie Chinoiserie wallpaper, white kitchen with marble countertops, blue & white Portuguese tile powder room, wrought-iron stair railings.

It's goood y'all: 

I know, right? Go get the issue if you want more.  There's lots more.

This is not Mark D. Sikes, but it was in House Beautiful and I like it, too.

Maine Design 
 And we need a little Christmas ...

This would be a nice gift for a blue & white lover: 

Linen Tissue Box Cover
 And, finally, I like this rug.

That's all! I'm going to be working on Edward's playroom today!!  It's almost finished and I can't wait to show it to y'all.  

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