It's Christmastime! But First ...

Ok y'all, I totally failed on my Thanksgiving post.  I was very, very full.  I barely even looked at a blog the week so I'm really missing everyone and ready to get back.

I never usually blog on weekends 'cause that's family time, but Kip is asleep on the couch next to me and Edward is so thrilled to be home with all of his toys that he's happy playing by himself.  So here are a few pics from my fabulous Thanksgiving.  We keep it low key.  It's so rare that my entire family is together that we're just happy to be in the same place with lots of food and wine.

We Turkey Trotted.

The Suze set the table with her pretty china and blue and white.  She did a little mix and matching of everything, including the chairs as you can see. She also did the flowers after she didn't like the arrangements she purchased.  I would be too scared to ever take a flower arrangement apart, but she's a  fearless and talented 'bud arranger.

Then people slept

And dogs slept 

And now we're home


I love Christmas more than anything in the world.  I love the magic, the lights, the songs and buying presents for people I love.  It's, as the song goes, the most wonderful time of the year! So from here on out Belclaire House is dedicated to all things Christmas: gift guides, decor, tunes and all around merriment.  Gay times to be had by all!  I'm so excited!

The lights at Highland Park Village in Dallas - one of my favoritest things ever!

Peace yo's!
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