Love This

 Kate Spade's house in this month's Matchbook Magazine

I love, love, love to walk into someone's home and see a display of family pictures.  I love to see what people looked like when they were little, how pretty their grandmother's were (wasn't everybody's grandmother gorgeous back in the day), the unfortunate hairstyles from the 80s, and of course, fat roly poly baby pictures.  I had to save this lovely little vignette for my files. I feel like you never see this in magazines, maybe because people want to remain somewhat private (what's that all about?).  You can't go wrong with silver frames, and I love the one frame in Kate Spade's signature green.  

The Suze has little displays like this all over her house as well.  

from Suzeday Tuesday: Vignettes II

Tomorrow, I'll have some Friday Favesies for you as well as some pictures from the Austin antique shop where my sister works.  I'm jealous she gets to have this job in college.  In college, I worked in the Pro Shop at a country club where I would have to be there at 6:00 am and old men would look directly at my name tag and call me the wrong name.  I got to work with a bunch of cute boys though so it wasn't all bad, but her store is the bomb.  Do people still say that? Or do they say it like, 'da bomb? Ok, y'all, it's time for me to stop typing.  See you tomorrow! 

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