A Book in Their Hands

Dear Kololo Cuties,

Did you know that not only do you have family in Los Angeles, but you have family all over the country? If family are the people who love you the most, want the best for you, and would do anything to make your life better, then you have family in Maine, South Carolina, Upstate, Tenne ssee, further Upstate, Massachusetts, Washington, New YorkGeorgia, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wisconsin, and pretty much every other state in the US, and in Canada, France, and the UK.

I wish you could have been there. People were talking about you all night; what you need, how they could help you. Ordinary extraordinary people. Mothers, fathers, readers, writers, artists, and educators.

Your school and library are fully funded, well beyond kindergarten. Tesfa and Ethiopia Reads will break ground in your village as soon as it stops raining, most likely in October.

Get some rest. You are going to need to be at your best to absorb all the new and wondrous things you'll see. Dust off your small hands, you're about to hold your first book.

Don't worry, I'll thank your family for you. It will be my pleasure.
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