Hanging Up Her Uniform

 I have mixed feelings about Meazi's current school. I could handle the time-out for whistling, and even the dinner table talk of temptation and hell. I really didn't like the 'marriage is between a man and a woman' reminder. I have many, many issues with the Catholic church.

 Things I do like about her current school. Tinkerbell pictured above. She is Meazi's closest friend in kindergarten. Like Meazi, she has been in American for just under two years. They are girls with two countries, and two languages, and each of them have an ENORMOUS brain! We were at her house yesterday and they were talking about how many wings butterflies have, (Meazi was insisting that all butterflies have four wings), what it is like to travel in outer space, and if wild dogs eat zebras. (Is that really what they were discussing Kate? That last part?!) Masha and Meazi are great pals.

Masha's mommy Kate told us we should consider applying to a very prestigious private school for first grade. I thought this school was not even a possibility for us. She said they they were looking for families that were different. She said that they provided financial assistance for many families.

I applied. They invited Meazi to spend a half-day at the school with other potential first graders. I had to go in shortly after this for a parent interview. It lasted for over an hour. Kate watched Melese in the lobby. If you ask him who his favorite babysitter is, he will continue to say Kate. Sorry mom. Sorry nasty ladies at the YMCA.

Meazi has been accepted into this school. We have been given a generous tuition package. It will cost less than her current school.

It is more diverse than her current school, and Meazi said they 'let her express herself the way she wants', this having more to do with art. At her current school she must use 'real colors', skies have to be blue, suns have to be yellow, etc.

She is ecstatic and I am too. It is an amazing school.

I hope we have found our place. It is described as progressive and developmental. It goes from kindergarten to 12th grade. And well, they have their own swimming pool.

The thing that I am happiest about is the idea that I won't have to see Meazi fall apart about being the 'darkest child in her class'. She spent an evening last winter completely inconsolable, even though I named every child of color in her current school. She is right, she is the darkest child in her class. This will not be the case next year, and in her words, "Mom, even some of the teachers are chocolate."

So off we go! Bring on the gay-friendly whistlers! Bring on the purple cats and polka dotted pigs! Bring back the pink skirts and the shiny silver Tom's! 

I have to say that I am not completely surprised.

Most people after spending time with her, would like to spend more time with her.
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