I Can Meet the Artist, Get to Know Her Personally- Heather Foster

(I should have definitely had a "guess the amount of ugly cries" contest). Heather Foster is my best friend, and an extraordinary painter. I have already featured her here  on the blog.

One of my most favorite new mom moments happened this past November in Santa Fe. Meazi and Melese got to attend Heather's latest show.

They also saw Heather's studio, and got a real feel of what it is like to be an artist. This link, from Heather's gallery, has a great article about Heather and her work. You can also see many of her paintings. She has had great success over the years. Her paintings sell for thousands of dollars.

Heather has donated the above painting "Reading" and the one below "A Selection" for our auction on the 17th.
'A selection' will be featured in the online auction that will accompany the event. (More to come on that if Melese takes a nap today).

I could go on and on about Heather and her generosity but I really want you to see these so I will hit publish now.

Thank you so much Heather. Incredible.
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