Heather Ever Present

 This is my friend Heather.

Or as she was known in college, Fun Heather!

But now she's all super responsible and professional. 

Giana Sitzes Photography 
And she finally has a website for her super awesome event planning skillz Heather Ever Present!

If you live in Chicago and are getting married, you must call Heather.  She will be your no drama mama.

Look.  Look at how much fun everybody is having at one of her weddings!

Pamela Luedeke Photography 

She also has a fun blog with lots of good advice about your wedding.  You should definitely check it out!

Heather Ever Present

Heather's Blog

*This is not a paid endorsement.  She's just a bestie that happens to have skillz that I feel it is my duty to promote :) 

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